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Communciations Strategy

Communications Strategy precedes design.  Good com's strategy embraces not only the product or service delivery but also the culture, the customer and company.

If you know what you, your brand and your service stand for it makes website building more precise.   

Brand - Logo Design & Livery

Branding is a representation of your soul, your essence, your vibrancy. It may include a logo, a positioning statement, values and a byline.   But it is all this ... and more.


Executed well it will transfer across a range of products or services, transcend time, age and space and be attractive to all cultures.  


Further it will work easily with promotions, discounting, added value activities, trade promotions, value chain suppliers and media.   Your customers will recognise it.


It will migrate from letterhead to T-Shirts; board room documents to packaging; social media and websites to motor vehicles and TV


Websites are typically 5 pages - home, about me, about products & services, pricing and contact pages.


Added value includes Video Page, Sound Page, Photo Mosaic Page, a Blog, Sales Promo online forms, chat, and more.

Business Services include shop & cart, reservation systems, online meeting scheduling, booking systems, membership systems, stock management & email marketing.

Email Marketing includes data capture, database management, email targeting & marketing with programmed auto-responders.

IT Support tools include SEO, PR Backlinks, Keyword Search, removing Crawlers, Visitor counts, page Statistics and more.  These are specialist skills.  We outsource.

Social Media

We offer three things in this regard.


1) Social Media Bar at your website linking up to 30+ social media sites e.g. facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest; 2) auto posting from any page on your website and your blog to Facebook & Twitter with the click of a single button. 


2) Social Media  Banners for 5x shapes and sizes can be commissioned.  These are valuable for digital advertising and inserts into published materials.


3) Beautiful Email Templates from the back of your website that invite customers to click on social media links and promote your message - at their FB, Twitter or Google page.  Its the integration that is charming

Press Release

Control your narrative.   Go Viral.  Built in test response tools.  Reach more than 5,600 media channels, digital news companies, bloggers and social spaces/contributors.


Press Release - $29.95 test and see.   $295 Fast Global Release.  $595 for Video Release.  $1295 for multi-channel, multi-news, google, yahoo and bing news and PR Newswire for starters.  


Press Releases include Heading, Key Intro Sentence, Body Copy, Video upload (if you have one), image upload and up to 2 hyperlinks.    


These Press Releases can with a single click be posted to social media and emailed to clients or secondary media.

Sales Promotions

We will design an online promotion for you to build customers lists.  These customers will go straight to your email marketing system at your website.  It is a single click integration within the platform.  


You will be able to communicate with them directly from your website, anytime, from anywhere in the world using beautiful templates with embedded photos, videos, logos and copy.


We offer DESIGNS including T-Shirt Design, E-Book Cover Design, Poster Designs and more for as little as $100.
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