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  1.    All prices are in US$

  2.    All payments are via PayPal + their credit card service

  3.    All orders are made up of several gigs

  4.    Each Gig is an independently priced unit

  5.    All Gigs are paid forward - before the gig starts

  6.    Each gig is progressively paid as you approve each step

  7.    Cancellation occurs by stopping further gig purchase

  8.    There are no credits for purchased gigs

  9.    New Zealand Only:  
        All prices are +GST.  By Invoice. Paypal or Online.


Get Help

Telephone, Email, Skype

Get one hour of skype, viber, email help.  Free calls to Australia and New Zealand.  All other countries use Skype or Viber.


Marketing Plan

Shaping It Up

Do you have market research, branding, customer insights, product and pricing, channels to market, a media & promo plan sorted yet?  If not.....

$POA - 3x Months

Consulting & Facilitation

Buy Some Advice

3 Hours Facilitation @ $450


Write a catchy title...

Gig 1

Get a catchy title for your website, your e-book, your trade promo, staff event, vehicle signage - Get 10x


Logo - Design

Gig 2

2 concepts - 2 artists - 5 days turnaround


Logo - Animated

Gig 3

Make your logo come alive.  30 second animation + 1 Rework, Gif format


Logo - Music Bed

Gig 4

Custom 30 second Digital Riff + 1 Rework


Social Media Banner - Facebook

Gig 5

One Banner for a business or event page.  You supply head shot, logo and byline. + 1 rework


Social Media Banners - Get 5x

Gig 6

Convert your Facebook Banner to fit Twitter, Google, Your Tube and Instagram = 1 Rework


Website - Design - Phase 1

Gig 7 - Website - Design - Phase 1

Get a Website Concept.  Decide if you like the 'look and feel'  


At this time the copy, images, hyperlinks, pricing, blogs and other apps will not be fully functional.  Phase 1 is to decide if you like the "look and feel"


Website Design - Phase 2

Gig 8 - Website - Phase 2 - Build

This is the build phase for up to 5x pages.  Write copy, search images, populate, social media bars, source apps, email, backlinks and database set up, concept blog etc.  Our job is to complete.  Yours is to proof and validate.


Website Design - Phase 3

Gig 9 - Website - Phase 3 - Publish

We open your account, populate with client info, administrator page setup, SEO & publish   This includes 1) a publishing package, 2) domain, 3)  email (optional extra) and hosting options for a brochure site.  Social Media links go in, hyperlinks tested, page links tested & apps tested.  E_Commerce, hotel booking and CRM apps are by quote.  $150 of page & image SEO is included.

When you say "YES".  We press "Publish".


Press Release - Go on Try It

G10 - PR - Write l

Get a concept.  See what you press release looks like.  If you like....Go to Press Release Publishing


Fast Press Release

G11 - PR Photo - Publish

Global Press Release + 350 words + 2 Images + Social Media Bar + Hyperlinks + Google ID + campaign monitor


Video Press Release

Gig 12 - PR Video - Publish

Global Video Release + 350 words + 1 Video + Social Media Bar + Hyperlinks + Google ID + campaign monitor 


Platinum Press Release

Add some more info about this item...

5700 channels; Bing, Google & Yahoo News; blogs and article sites; PR Newswire!

Redistribute using single click to 26+ social channels, use email/pdf to click to your database of customers, suppliers and associates; ask each of them to click and go viral; embed widgets in digital advertising, your website environments to see live feed.


Press Release - Strategy & Release

Gig 13 - PR Strategy

3 hours Skype +  Media Strategy +  Premium Plus Distribution Plan + First Press Release


E-Book - Layup - Standard

Gig 14 - e-Book Layup

You supply copy, headline, preferred image (if you have one and graphics to be used within the e-book


E-Book - Layup - Special

Gig 15 - e-Book Special

You provide the copy.  We provide the cover, images, headline, sub heading, formatting and use creative licence. + 1 Rework


E-Book 3D Cover

Gig 16 - EB 3D Cover

Three Dimensional Cover + Image + Headline + Sub Heading.  (Free Stock Image otherwise present yours)


File Formats

Gig 20 - File Format Extras

Whether it is logo, banners, images or layups - any additional format type is $25 per format e.g .JPEG, GIF, EPS etc.


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