About Press Release

By Definition

A press release, news release, media release, press statement or video release is a written or recorded communication directed at members of the news media and general public for the purpose of announcing something newsworthy.

Media Strategy

We recommend building a concept plan for your market, target market, brand or service positioning with the message focus, consumer benefits, communication outcomes and a  top line evaluation of the risks & mitigation in the strategy.

Global Platforms

We design & distribute on global platforms like PR Log, PR Release, 24x7 and Get2Press.


  1. They have structure, professionally recognised layouts, social media bars, image and video upload capability.   The format includes headings, sub text, key works, body copy, contacts and reply options

  2. Auto population, pre-arranged distribution networks ensure message reach

  3. Post  campaign clicks and readership giving real time feedback, are important for moderating and improving a campaign series of press releases

  4. These platforms feed major news lines and search engines.   Prices increase as you step up the number or type of distribution channels. 

We Offer

  1. Global Press Release by country, industry category and your target market using up to eight key words phrases (tags)

  2. Media Strategy may reveal very specific media requirements to specific target markets over and above general release

  3. For Direct contact by us to specific media the fee is $150 per hour

Image and Video Release

Image and Video Release are available. Image means you can upload two JPEGS.  e.g. Logo & head shot, two product shots.


You will need to have your video content ready-to-go and posted at You Tube.  If not, please approach for a quote.


  1.   Go on Try It - View your (unpublished) Press Release - $29.95

  2.   Global Press Release - $295

  3.   Video Release - $595 (using your video)

  4.   Media Strategy + Press Release + Premium Plus Distribution -  $1295

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