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Press Release - Tell Your Story to the World

Story Telling is the oldest story on earth - from the bible to the courier pidgeon; from the tablet to Facebook. We have Twittered on for decades. Press Release is a respected business process for getting your story out. Corporate and Governments have done it for years. Now it's your turn.

Maree Neal Consulting offers five generic options 1) Global Press Release on World e-platform @ $295; 2) Global Press + Video $595 , 3) Global Press Release & Telephone call back to NZ Media starting at $295 and 4) Global Press Release + major search engines + PR Newswire starting at $750 and 5) site visit and PR strategy starting at @ $450

"Clients success remains imperative" says Maree Neal of Maree Neal Consulting. "We've joined forces with other marketing efforts and helped USA client achieve #1 Amazon book selling status; and NZ clients receive off-shore enquiries about capital investment."

Whether you are a New Zealand client trying to reach off-shore by market, by target or by keyword we can help. And if you are an off-shore client wanting to promote a product, service or event we can touch (in additional to the global release) specific media as per your communication requirements.

For one month only - Press release at NZ$295+gst or US$295 for off-shore

If you'd like to know more, and get a quote call Maree Neal on +64 274 522 040 or email insight@nealconsulting.co.nz

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