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What will trigger Expansion?

What will trigger Expansion?

The 'growth' paradigm dominates on planet earth. It is so entrenched it is even part of this galaxy. Electromagnetics underscore the dance of the molten core of mother earth with her solar and lunar cousins.

To get a handle on the transformation of the human mind and subsequent social and organisational designs we have to look beyond this galaxy. First step is to grasp the newly acquired understanding of unlimited galaxies forming first as a donut and secondly as a diamond in their energy configurations. And to review the cyclical/enfolding and spiralling/spinning properties of each.

The question is can human consciousness impact these forces? Or are they an expression of these forces? Is it simply about increasing awareness and discovery in order to rematerialise our thinking and doing. Or is it something more?

Catalysing Human Change - what force will transcend these dynamics?

The as yet nameless, spaceless, formless essence, once experienced leaves everything else on earth for dead, even human love. Metaphorically and metaphysically speaking it is a pure state of being.

It spaceless, weightless, timeless, beyond the laws of electromagnetics, thermodynamics, sound and light frequencies, harmonics and sub-atomic structure as we know it.

Once experienced, earthly things seem sublime. You cannot call it in (magnetics), You cannot imitate, create or escalate it. You cannot pray to it, appeal to it. And you name it, you've separated from it.


If every human being could experience this - just once; they wouldn't settle for less. And it would transform the consciousness field in a jiffy. In turn, it would impact the social structure and human dynamics beyond measure and without conscious effort.

I've been called a purist, an ascetic, and an uncompromising soul relative to esoteric principles. But not for reasons of ego.

This much I know. You could be sitting in a rubbish tip in the dead of night or dreaming on soft pacific breezes when you mesh with this awesome wonder.

And this too, I know. Who can say? Sayeth not.

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