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Growth vs Expansion. Is Growth still working for us? (1)

Growth is a compounding, binding force giving weight, density, credence, presence, clout and visibility. It rests on the assumption that "accretion" and "mass" - visible to the human eye - are most worthy. Growth expressed as 'mass' is as old as the squirrel that hoards in winter. And as new as the "attractor" principles of new age thinking.

Expansion is a liberating, releasing force where the space in-between increases, the converting forces more subtle, etheric, spatial, non-compounding. Such expansion requires decomposition and shape-shifting leaving consequences less visible to human senses. Yet the waves and particles leave energy traces extending into infinity. Expansion if it were expressed as as "light" has etheric, spatial and photonic qualities.

The former is the currency of every balance sheet, productive output, marketing and sales aspiration and asset appreciation goal. It is the driving intention in 'wellbeing' measures, social justice indicators and financial endeavours. It is about more!

What if this is flawed thinking?

For a while every unit of energy added to mass increases its potency. But soon enough inertia takes over from the imbalance in properties. We see this in obesity, bankrupt economies, accelerating mental disorders, high level white crime and unfathomable injustice to each other and mother earth.

We even see it in the language of the stock exchange with 'overweight' and 'underweight', balance sheets as 'assets' and 'liabilities; in marketing measures as 'market share', education measures as "unit standards" and economic measures as 'GDP'. The 'growth' pardaigm fuels the measures. Measures fuel behaviour. Behaviour becomes outcomes. And human thinking is reinforced.

How then do we shine a light on the dark side of earth?

Human consciousness is heavy. It is below the Plimsoll line. Practically we tinker with systems - education, health, justice, economic - from the same underlying assumption of "growth".

Yet the "neediness" in humans just keeps escalating to fulfil the "growth" paradigm. We pack our kids full of competencies, our bodies full of food and additives and our bank accounts full of algorithms, called money. For what?

Putting it out there....I am raising a challenge.

If you could grasp the concept of "Expansion" as a liberating, dematerialising, 5th dimensional force operating at "frequencies" beyond visible senses (light being the densest of them) how could we pierce the veil of "growth" as the pre-eminent 21st century focus?

Growth is embedded so deeply in our consciousness that it is going to require a "lightning bolt" to strike its core.

Your experience please...

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