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What has Love got to do with it?

When strategic intent and creative intent combine in the force field of love, new outcomes will be achieved almost instanteously. Such is the possibility for all mankind. And that includes all institutional, family and social constructions of reality manifested by human endeavour.

But here is the rub. Purity of heart is a precursor. Any energetic distortions will amplify into form. So you see, it really matters that we get ourselves and our strategies to come from pure origins and that the pipelines of creativity are equally as clean burning as the source.

Organisations, like humans must undertake constant "clearing" so to speak. Just as mother nature uses seasonal storms and droughts to recycle and clarify the ground of her being. Old change processes focusing on behaviour alone are no longer sufficient. And even those hinged around the belief systems and values are helpful, but not sufficient.

Something radical (meaning root) is required. The question I ask is this: "how shall you work collaboratively with constraints but without controls as the centrifugal force?" The answer is subtle. And I invite you to dialogue.

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