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The Vendor

This website is owned by a New Zealand, GST registered entity and trades under the name of "Maree Neal Consulting" since 1988.  Your contact is Maree Neal +64 274 522 040 and email insight@nealconsluting.co.nz


The vendor uses  Wix.com, a freely available global website platform boasting over 52m users, NASDAQ listed and operating since 2007. 


All clients will abide by the terms and conditions of Wix.com and any of their third party application suppliers that plug and play into the Wix platform. 


At the time of building a website, these applications are purchased and the terms are signed before online payments are transacted.

Press Release

The vendor uses several global press platforms including PR LOG, 24x7, PR Release and distributes in New Zealand via stuff.co.nz, regional platforms and by dreict media contact.  All clients will abide by the terms and conditions of each of these platforms.

Graphics, Video, Animation etc

The vendor works in a virtual online world and purchases all graphics, research, video, animation, T-Shrit Design, Logo design and more from online thirdy party global platforms to achieve speed and price points from a virtual team of people. 


These are primarly from fiverr.com, freelancer and via linked in (but not exclusively).   Printers  and specialist graphics works are commissioned in Auckland, New Zealand.  

Client Contract

  • You warrant to present information that is true and correct for website, press release or other media usage.

  • You warrant that your brands, images, videos and other publicity materials meet general advertising and internet protocols

  • You warrant that all pricing, terms, conditions, payment gateways, shop and cart information is true and correct and is in consideratoin of all legal, tax and accounting protocols of your country of origin

Pricing, Tax & Currency

  • All pricing is in US dollars for USA and global clients

  • All pricing is in NZ dollars for New Zealand clients and a further 15% GST is added.

Terms & Conditions


Websites are built in three phases - concept, build & publish.

The client will complete the brief & depost $295

The vendor will design a concept

Both parties have the right to cancel/proceed .

Upon Approval the client will submit all copy/images/videos/graphics/logos/domains/social media urls/legal status, pricing & terms etc  and other preferred media for complete build adn deposit $1500

Upon approval, the client will depost the publishing costs (crica $200) and the vendor will transfer the website to a client account and publish the website.  This may take several days.

Terms of payment for websites are three fold 1) Deposit prior to design at $295  2) Website Build at $1500 and Website Publishing at circa $200.

All additional applications from Shop and Cart, onlline booking systems, video making applications, email applications are additional costs that are payable at the time of publishing.

Publishing costs include the Wix.com ""publishing packages" which vary from time to time but are  freely published at their website.

Terms & Conditions
Press Release

  1. The client will complete the brief.

  2. The vendor will draft a Press Release

  3. One copy correction is inlcuded, thereafter $150 per hour.

  4. Upon approval of the draft Press Release and prior to publishing one invoice is issued and due on date of invoice

  5. Upon receipt, the press release will be published.


The fees are not refundable, not transferrable and not cancellable once the "concept website design" has been completed and the "draft press release" presented for approval.

Customer Complaints

  • All complaints must be dated and presented in writing.

  • Will will endeavour to reply within 24 hours and reach in good faith to resolution.

  • If no accord can be reached mediation will be a shared cost

  • If no mediation can reach accord both or either party has the right to move to litigation

Third Party Platforms

The vendor uses:

Each platform adheres to global media and digital terms within their best capability. They are also responsible for uptime, runtime, security, applications performance and quality.

Maree Neal Consulting specialises in

  1. Design (included subcontracted virutal skills)

  2. Build or Populate

  3. Publishing

Advertising  & Internet Protocols

Website and Press Releases are public and global media advertising tools and as such fall under a complex and overlapping durisdictions.

In New Zealand, we follow in the legislative guidelines for business including  Fair Trading Act, Consumer Guarantees, Trade Marks, Contract Law.    Go to  More Here

And we operate within the Advertising Rules of Conduction and the Internet Rules of Conduct. 

Security & Privacy

Maree Neal Consulting will hold name, company and contact information in Microsoft Outlook and Infusionsoft and Accounting packages.  Clients may request removal at any times. 

Websites have client accounts and passwords which will be retained until  migration and publishing on full and final client payment for services.

Thereafter all republishing costs, banking information held at Wix and logins will the responsiblity of the client.  Privacy becomes a direct relationship with Wix.com and their third party applications providers who plug and play.

Press Releases will be released in the account of Maree Neal Consulting.  They are by their name in the public domain.  At request, they can be deleted but if thrid party media have redistributed, reposted or backlinks have been provide, it is not possible to recall

Limititation of Liability

There is no intention to defraud, mislead or confuse consumers with the design and copyright produced for a client in any public media.

It is the responsiblity of the client to proof all copy, links and images.   Where possible free images are used.  Where video is publicly available and redirected to a website , it is the responsbility of the vendor to notify the client;  and it is the responbility of the client to get written approval for the holder of copyright.