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A Mark
A Message

Getting Started

So you are starting your own business. Yes?   


You've got the skills, the certification, the gear and the love to improve people's lives. 

Now you need a logo, a website and matching banners for social media.  Yes?

The 3M Strategy:

To be successful you will need three communication tools  - a Mark that everyone recognises (your brand), a Media strategy (advertising plan free & paid) and a Message.  Everyone has their own story, their own voice and gift to offer.

A Conversation

We'll talk briefly about branding and banners but the main focus will be the power of a website and the business and social applications that you can self-manage to build your business.  The grunt behind the pretty pictures.

Talking With

Maree | Maree Neal Consulting | 027 452 2040

Serving since 1998

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Date:    23 November 2017 

Time:    4.30pm- 5.30pm

Location:   Room 4, Level 2, NZ College of Massage

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