Press Release


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Your news on the world stage with 2 photos, snippets from the boss and hyperlinks to your touch points. With single clicks repost it to all your social media and database. There's even code for your website.  And when its over, monitor the independent results.  Live.  Online.  

Get an unpublished press release for $29.95


Fast Release - Global

Now you are good to publish.  We can target by country, industry e.g. sports, health, venture capital and employ 5 tags specific to your business - otherwise known as hashtags or keywords.  It hits media outlets, bloggers and search engines like Google.  

Going Live is $295.


Video Press Release

It's all the same prep for a video press release.  Only you need to have a video at hand.  We can hyperlink from google.  And that's $595 for a video release.  


You know that Google prefers the video to the images.  So hence the premium.   


Platinum Press Release

6,700 channels; media, blog & news release; google news, yahoo news, bing news; national USA newspaper distribution. Target by country, industry category e.g. finance, sport, and key word.  26+ social channels one click redistribution; email/pdf your database of customers, suppliers, cohorts; embed widgets on websites, advertising venues and other digital environments.   And also PR Newswire distribution.  It massive!


Communications Strategy

It pays to plan.  Press Release are news. They are not advertising.


 If its good news or bad and you are trying to convey your story, sometimes it pays to think about the purpose, the audience, the target, the communications objectives, the ways to leverage the news and potential risk management.


 Get: 3 hours Skype Consult + Strategy + One Fast Release.

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