Frequently Asked Questions & Getting Help

Domains & Emails

Domain & Email Registration:  We use Wix domain and email registration services. You can use whomever you want.   Domain name is free with a Wix Premium Package.  Emails are extra.  If you are not using a Wix registered domain or email, we can point your website and email to your domain manager.  



Domains:  Wix Domains (provided your name has not been claimed by someone else) are free with the Wix Premium Package which is required/compulsory to publish you website


Email Marketing:  Sometimes it is better if building big lists to use a Wix application.  Why?  They store the names and emails of your clients at the website.  You can create truly beautiful emails directly from your website.  Using these tools we can drive business at your website.  Email address and email marketing are different things.





Shopping & Carts

We can add shop (you need product image, price & terms, currency) and cart (the buying tool). You need to know how you are handlling despatch, delivery and returns.   We can link to payment gateways (Paypal and Credit Cards).  You need to have these accounts already set-up.​  Keep it simple, if you can.



Technical Security (uptime, runtime,  systems management and internet standards) are managed by   They are not responsible for content at your website.    






Getting Help

Help is free during establishment; thereafter refer to PRICING.  Help can be received by phone, email, skype or the contact us form.


Once you have "published" your website, Wix have an amazing array of online training videos and communications options to get extra help.

Becoming Self-Managing

My goal is for you to manage your own site - change your copy, images, typefaces at some future point. 

On your page you will have a "webmaster login" to access the back end directly. 


We advise you buy your own domain, email and Wix Premium Package.  You will need to load credit card information into your Wix website. They notify you annually.


We can and will advise or direct you.  Your hosting will be committed to the Wix HTML5 platform (hosting.) You are not committed to me. (web designer).


Fixing Bugs - that you or I can't

My strength is design.  Behind me are the Wix experts.  We state the problem, they give a quote, pay online and they fix the problem.  You may wish to undertake this directly.



Social Media

Social Media includes sites like facebook, u-tube, google, sound cloud, twitter and more.   The more back links you have to your website the better. i.e. links from these locations to your website and vice versa.  Once a social media page is up, it is your responsiblity to keep feeding it with new content, new images, new videos etc.​

SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation)

We can create identities and key words for each page of your website.  You can later alter them.  Optimising them requires understanding what words people use to "search" and adding them to your list.  Site Analytics can be added to your site.  Advanced SEO optimisation is by quote.


Customer Complaints

If you are unhappy, talk to me by email, phone or skype.  If I or a specialist cannot resolve feel free to shift your business elsewhere.  If we cannot resolve by discussion, either party should escalate to mediation and ultimately legal action.


Paypal Payments

All prices are quoted in US dollars.  Click the "pay now" button that is closest to your requirement. 

Paypal will then guide the final transactions/payment/receipts.

Pricing & Terms

All prices are in US dollars

All prices are non cancellable and non refundable once you have committed.

The Domain & email registrations  are subject to the terms of the provider you choose

The website hosting is subject to the terms of - the provider.

The Design Costs are subject to "Maree Neal Consulting - web & press release services" and the terms on this page.



Design - A Business Solution

Don't know where to start.  I specialise in matching "what you have to offer" to "the wild wants of the market".  Often it is about creating new ways to pitch a simple single service.  

Obligations, Law, Standards

From a design point of view we aim to deliver images and copy within the advertising codes of practice in New Zealand.   If third party materials are used they will be suject to approval, quote and/or invoice.  If you supply, you are responsible.   From the point of hand-over at completion, you are responsible for changes, uploads and the copyright implications of doing this.   

Copyright:  all images, copy and website are owned by you.    If you supply any materials that are illegal or under copyright it is your duty to correct and remove.  This applies to all media linked, hyperlinked on on-site.

Offence:  There is no intention to defraud, humiliate, copy or infringe any group or peoples or practices.

Quality Control

​We control Design - Maree Neal Consulting -  designing on the Wix, HTML5 platform.

The Domain/Email companies control Registration - your own or Wix.

The Hosting company ( control their services, support & terms.




Customer Complaints

During Design and Build:  If you have any queries phone of email Maree Neal +64 274 522 040 or  We will endeavour to reply with 48 hours.  Escalation processes thereafter are "negotiated settlement" and "arbitration"

Art Work to Canvas NZ$50

We can organise a transfer of your image to canvase for $50. 

>  Immortalise your logo

>  Create a client Gift

>  Say "thank you" to someone special


Websites & Press Releases

​Websites:  We customise Wix templates.  Sites are built in HTML5.  This is a global, specialist website services company with over 52m users at 2015.  Fantastic designs which can auto populate your social media


Press Release:  We use two or three global press release platforms including 24x7, PR Log and Reuters.  In New Zealand, it is about using and a number of direct, personal contacts and online service providers. Fantastic templates which can auto populate social media and your email.


Your Preparation:  In both instances it is desirable if you have copy, images, U-tube videos, sound bytes and any trade service links that we can directly communicate, link or use the information of.  

The Website Design Process

This is a three step process:-


Step 1 - Concept Design - $295.  The purpose is to get the look and feel right.  Many functional aspects may not be working as they take time to complete. 


Step 2 - Build & Operationalise - $1500  This is where the copy, images, links, forms, social media bars, online applications, shop and carts, blog pages, and much more are bought to completion.  Copyright issues are client responsibility if you request third party images, videos, sound bytes of copy.   Once proofed by you, we move to publishing.


Step 3 - Publishing - $200  This is where Simple Page SEO is set-up, all links and hyperlinks reworked, an account at Wix is established for you, the domain is purchased, email is purchased and a Wix Premium Hosting Package is purchased.   Then they are all tied together!   Sometimes it is about configuring all three from different suppliers.


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