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©1998 Maree Neal Consulting

48 Wheturangi Road  | Greenlane Auckland 1051  |  New Zealand

+64 274 522 040 



Get $295 Concept Website Design

August 16, 2017

Find out the three most common start-up mistakes.

March 28, 2017

Story telling is the oldest tradition on earth.  In a world of media managed stupidity, the integrity of your story matters. We believe in you controlling your own narrative with the support of professional help to clarify your intention.   

The world of social media, global press release, blogging, article writing and more means YOU can control your OWN narrative.   

In this regard we offer $29.95 to globally...

February 23, 2017

"Hawk - Spirit Soars" is a personal and soulful journey of the heart from Canadian, praire born Author Lorna Eastman

September 9, 2016

Would you like an animated logo? We have just started working with a wonderful, fast and creative solver of "Animated Logos".   For $295 we can help.   Tell us what you think....

June 13, 2016

Story Telling is the oldest story on earth - from the bible to the courier pidgeon; from the tablet to Facebook.   We have Twittered on for decades. Press Release is a respected business process for getting your story out. Corporate and Governments have done it for years.  Now it's your turn.   

Maree Neal Consulting offers five generic  options 1) Global Press Release on World e-platform @ $295; 2) Global P...

December 12, 2015

Planning to refresh your business image for 2016?    We'd love to help. 

New logo, banners for social media, a website, or perhaps just a little bit of logo animation.  They say video lifts sales dramatically.  A simple presenter based video with logo, pack shots, head shots and a professional actor might be your next step up!


Consider gifting someone a set "Social Media Banners" for Facebook, Twitter,  Goog...

"Song of the New Earth" screens for the first time in New Zealand.  

It follows 40 years of work by Tom Kenyon who explores and merges his musicanship (four octave vocal range), clinical psychology, quantum physics and mysticism.    The film explores scientific research which proves that sound can shift brain states and promote dramatic healing.

The beneficiares of the screening in New Zealand are Noah (Auckland) an...

January 13, 2015

What  will trigger Expansion?

The 'growth' paradigm dominates on planet earth.  It is so entrenched it is even part of this galaxy.  Electromagnetics underscore the dance of the molten core of mother earth with her solar and lunar cousins. 

To get  a handle on the transformation of the human mind and subsequent social and organisational designs we have to look beyond this galaxy.   First step is to grasp the ne...

January 6, 2015

Growth is a compounding, binding force giving weight, density, credence, presence, clout and visibility.  It rests on the assumption that "accretion" and "mass" - visible to the human eye - are most worthy.  Growth expressed as 'mass' is as old as the squirrel that hoards in winter.    And as new as the "attractor" principles of new age thinking.

Expansion is a liberating, releasing force where the space...

October 9, 2014

When strategic intent and creative intent combine in the force field of love, new outcomes will be achieved almost instanteously.   Such is the possibility for all mankind.  And that includes all institutional, family and social constructions of reality manifested by human endeavour.   

But here is the rub.   Purity of heart is a precursor.  Any energetic distortions will amplify into form.  So you s...

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Maree Neal launches new website for "Dog of God" author, Cher Slater Barlevi USA

April 8, 2014

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